Accident Investigation Resource Center

Police Reports

Police reports are the first step in developing your accident claim. A good report will detail all the people involved in the accident, provide you with witnesses contact information, and include a summary and diagram of the accident itself. If you are not used to reading these reports, this guide will walk you through the basics of what you should be looking for, what information is typically contained in a report, and provide a general overview of how to navigate through an actual Arizona police report. There is also links to several local police records departments that will help you obtain the report itself.

Witness Information

Now that you have the police report, what did the witnesses actually say occurred? Witness information is crucial to your accident claim as it is usually an unbiased view of what happened. However, police report may not tell the whole story, and there are times when witness reports are not particularly helpful or the witness is biased undercutting your understanding of the accident. It is better to know what they say so you can be prepared. Insurance companies are known to contact witnesses and even try to coach these folks to support their insured’s story by the way they even ask the questions of what happened? A good witness can be the difference between success and failure. You need to know what they are saying, and not take the insurance companies word of what they tell you they are saying. Read more about what to look for, and how to understand what that witness really saw at the accident scene.

Arizona is Transient and Time is of the Essence

Historically, for every three people that moved into Arizona two moved out. Until recently Arizona was one of the fastest growing states in the US. When you think about the inflows and outflows that is a lot of people moving around, in and out of Arizona. What if one of those persons is the person that hit you or witnessed your accident? If you don’t find and talk to them at the outset, it will be very difficult to locate that person later should you not be able to resolve your claim successfully with his or her insurance company. Thus, there are a number of things that you absolutely need to do and know about at the outset of your accident to make sure you can prove your claim later. Delay favors the other driver and his or her insurance company and hurts your chances of success.